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Reception & Installation

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You are an amateur or a scientist and you would like to host your telescope under the best sky in the southern hemisphere?
We offer the services you need: shared and private telescopes hosting, maintenance, reception and installation.

Telescopes Hosting Services at Deep Sky Chile

Telescopes Hosting

We are able to host your telescope in one of our collectives’ observatories (8 to 14 places per obs) or give you the opportunity to have your own private observatory!

Telescopes Maintenance Services at Deep Sky Chile


We will take care of your equipment while you are far from it. If you need assistance, our engineer will be on site in less than 4 hours!

Telescopes Reception & Installation Services at Deep Sky Chile

Reception & Installation

Although Chile is a beautiful place to visit, you do not have to come with your equipment. You can send it to us and we will install it for you.

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