Telescopes Hosting

We host your telescope

Telescopes Hosting

We are able to host your telescope in one of our collectives’ observatories (8 to 14 places per obs) or give you the opportunity to have your own private observatory!

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1 place in a shared observatory




We manage the obs: opening & closing...

Dedicated 10mbps Internet access and private network

Maximum telescope size: 24"

220v Green power supply

Telemetry services

Webcam monitoring of equipment

No wall mounted flat field panel


1 place in your own observatory

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You manage your obs: opening & closing...

Dedicated Internet access. Bandwidth on demand

Maximum telescope size: No limit! 

220v Green power supply

Telemetry services

Webcam monitoring of equipment

Wall mounted flat field panel

Telescopes hosting: host your telescope in one of our shared observatories

Not included in the monthly rental

What we need to know in advance

  • Your telescope mount brand and model
  • Your telescope type and aperture
  • Your period for installation
  • The maximum height of your mount to determine height of pier**

You provide

  • Robotic mount suitable for remote imaging
  • Imaging camera and all relevant accessories such as filter wheel, filters…
  • Pier that is able to support the aforementioned mount
  • Computer
  • All color-coded wiring, cabling and connections
  • Relay box for remote 12v operation
  • Software for telescope control, CCD and automation must be installed
  • Flip flap flat fielder

** Or, if you are supplying a pier, we need to know its height.

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