We host your telescope under the best sky in Chile!

Deep Sky Chile has selected the best astronomical site in Chile to host your remotely operated telescope: a 3 hectares flat mountain top over 5590 feet high (1700m), far from all light pollution and with exceptional seeing conditions. Our fully robotic observatories are solar powered, have High Speed internet access and are equipped with last generation security and notification systems… We are hosting our clients telescopes since February 2019 and we regularly build new collective observatories in order to anticipate demand.




Collective observatories


Private Observatories

Share an observatory or have your own

You can choose between hosting your telescope in one of our collective’s roll-off roof observatories or install it in your own private observatory!

Seeing conditions

Snowy Andes

Average seeing value is under one arcsec! An exceptional stability for imaging in very high resolution.

320 Clear Nights per year

Rho Ophiuchi

Rio Hurtado valley has one of the highest “ratings” for clear nights anywhere in Chile and in the World.

5590 feet (1700m)

Sunset at Deep Sky Chile

The observatories are located high enough to be above the inversion layer, but not too high to prevent easy year-round accessibility to the site.

Why Rio Hurtado Valley?

We have traveled all over Chile to find the best site to host your telescope. We tested the skies of Atacama and the Elqui Valley, both enjoying a good reputation among astronomers. However, we have noticed that these places have become very touristy and that the authorities are not taking any special measures to limit increasing light pollution. Rio Hurtado valley remained protected. Far away from the big cities, but easily accessible, it offers the darkest skies and the best conditions we have found in Chile. If you still doubt, remember that we share the same sky as Cerro TololoGemini South and the brand new Vera C. Rubin (LSST) observatories…

Deep Sky Chile - LSST and Gemini from Deep Sky Chile
Telescopes at Deep Sky Chile
Deep Sky Chile - Telescopes in observatory 1
360° unobstructed view

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