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Do I need to come to Chile to install my equipment or can you take care of this?

Although Chile is a beautiful place to visit, you do not have to come with your equipment. You can send it to us and we will install it for you. Once we receive your gear, we will unpack it under video surveillance and make sure it was not damaged during transportation. Our team will then install the mount, telescope and other equipment on site. We will take care of polar alignment, cabling and so on…

What types of telescopes do you offer?

DSC does not provide equipment such as telescopes. We simply host our clients’ gear in our collectives and privates’ observatories.

What is the speed of your Internet connection?

Each customer has its own dedicated 10Mbps Up Internet connection. We can provide higher speed on request if required. We recommend our clients to preprocess their images on their hosted computer and only download master images.

What about customs duty?

In Chile, import duties are 6% of the declared value. 19% VAT on the declared value must be added to that amount. Our logistics partner can take care of this for you.

Do I need to pay monthly or annually?

It is possible to pay your rent on a monthly base or annually. However, keep in mind international transfers can be costly and we recommend you to transfer as much as you can at once.

Is there someone permanently on site?

A guard lives close by and we can reach him in case of emergency or for simple interventions (connection, disconnection, etc.). Franck, our engineer, also lives near the observatories and can arrive quickly on site in case of a problem with an equipment.

Do I need to provide the control computer for my equipment?

You must provide a ready to use control computer and all licenses.