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Most of the time, a great project starts with a simple idea. Ours consists in hosting our clients’ astronomical equipment under the best sky in the world and allow them to remote control it. If we chose to build our robotic observatories in the area of Rio Hurtado it’s because we have traveled all over Chile to find the best site to host your telescope. We tested the skies of Atacama and the Elqui Valley, both enjoying a good reputation among astronomers. However, we have noticed that these places have become very touristy and that the authorities are not taking any special measures to limit increasing light pollution.

Rio Hurtado valley remained protected. Far away from the big cities, but easily accessible, it offers the darkest skies and the best conditions we have found in Chile. If you still doubt, remember that we share the same sky as Cerro TololoGemini South and the brand new LSST observatories…

About Us: Deep Sky Chile chose to build robotic observatories in the area of Rio Hurtado
About Us: Deep Sky Chile chose to build robotic observatories in the area of Rio Hurtado
About Us: Deep Sky Chile chose to build robotic observatories in the area of Rio Hurtado
About Us: Deep Sky Chile chose to build robotic observatories in the area of Rio Hurtado

The team

Franck Jobard

Franck Jobard

Mechanical Engineer

Franck is a mechanical engineer with a specialty in optics and microsystem. He began his career in a design office as an engineer in modeling and CAD in micromechanics. Then, for more than 13 years, he managed a company that counted up to fifty employees.

Astrophotographer since 2006, he built his automated observatory in 2009 and discovered his first planetary nebula (Jo1) in 2015.

Franck and his family moved to Chile in February 2019. They settled less than 45 minutes away from the observatories. Franck is our onsite engineer and your main contact in case of maintenance & installation needs.

Cédric Thomas

Cédric Thomas

Network and telecommunications Engineer

Cedric is a network and telecommunications engineer. After studying and working abroad for more than seven years, he returned to France in 2007 and founded his computer company; company he still manages to this day.

He took his first astro-photograph in 1995, at the age of 16, during the passage of comet Hale-Bopp. In 2008, he built his remote backyard observatory. The observatory now houses his setup, but also his friends. Thanks to the internet, they all control their equipment from a distance…

Vigney González Rojas

Vigney González Rojas

Legal Representative

Vigney is Deep Sky Chile legal representative. He was born in Rio Hurtado Valley and decided, after several years spent in town, to return to settle there with his family… He has a perfect knowledge of the land and its inhabitants.

Entrepreneur for many years, Vigney is a professional who is fully involved in all projects in which he participates.

He lives near the observatories and is able to intervene very quickly on site in case of simple need.

Teaching astronomy in Pichasca

Every Wednesday, Franck teaches astronomy to Pichasca Middle School students, a small village in Rio Hurtado Valley, 45 minutes drive from the observatories. He alternates theoretical teaching and observation sessions in order to help the youngest discover the beauties of the southern sky…

Deep Sky Chile donated a camera-equipped telescope to the college in order to introduce children to astrophotography. This telescope is used during the weekly club outings in addition to the equipment already in its possession.

Project Timeline

✔ Opening presales for the Starter offer

We sign pre-sales contracts with our first customers.

✔ Site preparation

We lay the foundations for the first two observatories and build the supports for the solar panels.

✔ Closing presales for the Starter offer

We end the opportunity to sign pre-sales contracts.

✔ RCE astronomy trade show in Paris

We welcome you on our booth during the RCE trade show in La Villette, Paris.

✔ Construction of the first two observatories

We finish the construction of the first two observatories.

✔ Cabling and functional tests phase

We install cabling and test the observatories during an entire month.

✔ Opening of the site to customers

We open the site and receive our customers’ equipment.

✔ Northeast Astronomy Forum in New York

We welcome you on our booth during the Northeast Astronomy Forum in Suffern, New York.

Construction of the third observatory

We are starting construction work for DSC03 and preparing the foundations for DSC04.

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